Our Commitment to the Environment

We have decided as a company and as members of this community to become stewards of the environment in whatever way possible.

Our goal is to first maximize the life of the products we sell and service through our maintenance programs.

Second, we will refurbish the majority of products and deploy them into the market for several more years of productive use.

Lastly, every product is completely recycled and does not make it to the landfill.

Canon and the Environment: The Clean Earth Campaign

In 1990, Canon Canada Inc. formalized its commitment to environmental conservation by creating The Clean Earth Campaign. Now recognized as one of North America's premier corporate environmental management programs, The Clean Earth Campaign guides all of Canon's workplace conservation and recycling activities. Find out more about Canon's initiatives here.

Konica Minolta's new and improved Clean Planet Program

The Clean Planet Program is Konica Minolta's way of recognizing its responsibility towards the environment. From comprehensive environmental management systems to the energy and resources their products use, it ensures everything Konica Minolta does has awareness for the well-being of the planet. Find out more about Konica Minolta's Clean Planet Program here.

Sharp and the Environment: Sincerity and Creativity

Sharp’s dedication to environmental stewardship is a long standing corporate core value that’s demonstrated in their products and business activities. Find out more about Sharp and the environment here.