Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i The Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i High-Volume Cheque Transport is the cornerstone for production cheque.. Canon Product #: cr-190i Custom Order

Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i

Brand: Canon
Product Code: cr-190i
Availability: Custom Order
Call for Price: 1-800-909-3220

The Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i High-Volume Cheque Transport is the cornerstone for production cheque processing, delivering high performance, reliability, and image quality. With an efficient countertop design, the CR-190i cheque transport is capable of meeting even the toughest challenges.

The CR-190i cheque transport can help financial institutions, utilities, and other organizations that handle large volumes of cheques improve the efficiency of payment processes and treasury management. This results in faster access to funds, reduced costs, and increased ROI. The features offered by this cheque transport are ideal for high-volume remittance processing, lockbox, and back-office/branch capture.

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Dynamic Performance

Scans up to 190 cheques per minute: Capable of maintaining impressive scanning speeds with dynamic sorting, imprinting and other processing features enabled:

  • One-Line CIS CMOS sensor with three-line parallel data transfer
  • Two independent motor drive units capable of handling up to three items simultaneously in the paper-path

M-shaped paper path: The new paper-path design makes it possible for the CR-190i cheque transport to achieve:

  • Dynamic Endorsement - real-time dynamic four-line endorsement
  • Dynamic Sorting - eject pocket sorting based on current item MICR data

High volume cheque processing: The CR-190i has been design with high volume cheque processing capabilities:

  • 250-item ADF with drop-in ability
  • 200-item eject pockets (two)
  • 50-item eject pocket (one)
  • Eject pocket "waterfalling"
  • 24,000 items Suggested Daily Volume

Exceptional Reliability

Versatile document handling: The CR-190i can handle items such as business and personal cheques, rebate cheque cards (and other thicker documents), deposit and withdrawal slips, coupons, tickets, envelopes

Dependable Document Handling: The CR-190i delivers exceptional document handling with:

  • Corrugated Retard Rollers - a proven system inherited from Canon's CR-180II
  • Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection - with this feature the CR-190i is capable of more accurately monitor documents for double feeds to ensure scanning dependability.
  • Built-in jogger - with redesigned rollers, the jogger helps ensure proper document alignment and to eliminate misfeeds

Magnetic / Optical Character Recognition (MOCR): Canon achieves precise MICR data capture at fast speeds with improved accuracy and reliability through:

  • Optimized MICR algorithm - new algorithm in order to achieve more accurate MICR reading
  • MICR data complemented with OCR processing - MICR data is not only read by the MICR reader but also employing OCR. Both results are processes by the CR-190i's new algorithm

Impressive Image Quality

  • Improved Image Quality: Building on Canon's high-precision optical technology, the CR-190i delivers impressive image quality through:
  • One-line CMOS CIS sensor - the CR-190i introduces Canon's highly successful DR-Series' Improved One-line CMOS CIS sensor technology to cheque scanning
  • Fine Text Filtering - improved image optimization through improved binarization that removes patterned backgrounds and enhances edges around text for:
  • Sharper images with less distortion
  • Improved OCR accuracy
  • 1200 dpi optical resolution - fine print and small details can be captured with exceptional clarity
  • Up to 300 dpi output resolution - helps guaranty that valuable cheque information can be reproduced with utmost precision

Efficient Design

  • Countertop Convenience: The CR-190i cheque transport’s compact, robust design and easy access allows this device to fit into even the busiest environments
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple and risk-free operator performed maintenance thanks to:
  • Clam-shell paper-path access
  • Enclosed mechanics
  • Durable materials

"Function Button": Programmable control panel button for third party application functions by software developers

Environment in Mind

ENERGY STAR - meets global guidelines for energy efficiency
RoHS and WEEE - Complies with the European directives

Model Name
imageFORMULA CR-190i Cheque Transport

High-Volume Cheque Transport

Document Feeding
Built-in Automatic Feeder (ADF)

Document Size Width
2.7" - 4.2"

Document Size Length
4.7" - 9.6"

Thickness Automatic Feeding
0.003"-0.008"(17-40lb. Bond)

Bypass mode
0.003" - 0.02" (17 - 112 lb. Bond)

Feeder Capacity
Approx. 250 Sheets

256-level, 16-level

Light Source

Operating Modes
Simplex, Duplex, Grayscale, Black and White, Fine Text Filtering, Error Diffusions

Optical Resolution
1200 dpi

Output Resolution
100/120/150/200/240/300 dpi

Scanning Speeds
Black And White: (Simplex / Duplex): 190 cpm/190 cpm
Greyscale: (Simplex/Duplex):190cpm/190cpm

OCR: E13B / OCR-A/OCR-B / Cheque Writer / Universal Character

Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Scanner Drivers
Windows XP / Windows Vista / 7

8.4" x 18.7" x 10.7"

18.5 lb.

Power Consumption
56.1 W or Less (Energy Savings Mode: 3.9 W or Less)

Suggested Daily Volume
24,000 Scans**

Other Features

  • Auto Page Size Detection
  • Built-in Jogger
  • Color Dropout
  • MOCR-based Imprinting
  • MOCR-based Sorting
  • Deskew
  • Function Button
  • Paper Eject Button
  • Three Output Pockets (200 / 200 / 50)
  • Continuous Feeding
  • Waterfall Output Mode

Bundled Software
Silver Bullet Ranger Driver with IQA
Canon Scanning Utility Software

Exchange Roller Kit
Imprinter Ink Absorber

Examples based on typical settings, rated in cheques per minute with U.S. personal cheques at 200 dpi in black and white or grayscale.

** Calculation based on scanning speed and typical daily time of usage.

  • Canon
  • Konica-Minolta
  • Kyocera
  • sharp