Canon imagePRESS 1135+ The imagePRESS 1135+ is ideal for large production environments. With a maximum print speed of 135 p.. Canon Product #: 1135+ Custom Order

Canon imagePRESS 1135+

Brand: Canon
Product Code: 1135+
Availability: Custom Order
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Canon's imagePRESS 1135+ is poised to revolutionize digital black-and-white printing. Built on the same core architecture as the imagePRESS C7000VP, Canon has developed an extraordinary monochrome production press that delivers uncompromising image and text quality, productivity, and versatility.
With true 1200 x 1200 dpi output and 256 greyscale gradations, the imagePRESS 1135+ produces consistently crisp text and beautifully detailed halftones on a wide range of media types and sizes. And it can print up to 8100 impressions per hour for unprecedented productivity that will move your print job through the shop quickly.

Enhanced productivity is the cornerstone of the imagePRESS 1135+. Canon's imagePRESS 1135+ presses are built to be easy-to-use, consistent, and dependable. With the advanced feeding technologies incorporated into the press, the press will run without missing a beat. Suction feeding, which is standard on the POD deck, picks up the paper with air instead of rollers. This is similar in design to how a commercial press functions, without the large capital outlay. In addition, the press can run unattended for hours because of its high capacity toner hopper and ability to hold up to 14,000 sheets further increasing the productivity the press will deliver.

Product Attributes
Black and White Printing 8100 impressions per hour

Twin Sleeve Development:
A dual sleeve design that delivers toner to the photoreceptive drum. This design produces blacks that are solid and avoids uneven distribution of toner.
The image transfer belt is responsible for transferring the latent image to the media. This is similar to how an offset blanket work on a offset lithographic press. The advantage is with this design it is possible to run thick stocks without the concern the stock will jam in the engine.

Multiple Pick Points:
It's feasible to have up to 13 pickpoints with this engine. Up to 3 POD decks can be integrated, as well as one Multi Insertion unit that has 3 pick points. This configuration is beneficial for those customers that run complex jobs which would include multiple call trays for different types of papers, tabs, covers and pre-printed colour inserts.

Paper Handling:
The imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ has enhanced air assist technologies to ensure the reliable feeding for all medias. The suction feeding, enhanced air assist and air separation technologies provide reliable feeding and maximum productivity.

Image Quality:
With 1200 X 1200 dpi imaging technology, produce near lithographic halftone images, crisp text, full solids that are free from mottle and fine lines.

Accurate Registration:
With a tolerance of +/-0.5mm, the imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ produces a professional looking product that is correctly aligned from front to back.

Media Versatility:
The imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ has the advantage of being able to print accurately on thin and thick stocks. This press can print on the stocks as thin as 14lb. bond and as thick as 110lb. cover.

This engine was designed with longevity in mind. The photoreceptive developing drum is composed of a very durable Amorphous Silicon, also known as a-Si. This material has a long life span of 6 million impressions.

The imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ prints at rated speed on all uncoated LTR media. Regardless if you're printing on a 28lb. (LTR) bond media or a thick 110lb. (LTR) cover, the engine will print without a decrease in speed.

imagePRESS 1135+

Imaging System
Laser Electrostatic Transfer System
Printing Resolution
Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
256-Level Greyscale
Simplex: 135

Duplex/Perfect: 67
Simplex: 77

Duplex/Perfect: 38
Maximum Original Size
13" x 19.2"
Standard Paper Capacity
2,000 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
Acceptable Paper Weights
Uncoated: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Bond Cover

Coated: 24 lb. Bond to 90 lb. Cover
Automatic Duplex/Perfect

Any Supported Stock
Power Requirements
(H x W x D): 54.12" x 54.62" x 31.87"
1,103 lb.

Estimated Toner Yield
69,000 impressions at 6% coverage (LTR pgs)

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