Sales & Product Consultation

Knowing your customer is the key to determining what technology fits.

effective workflow starts with having the right technology.

Getting the right document hardware and software starts with a full detailed analysis of your business processes by an IdealOS sales professional. Our professional, trained consultants help you make the right decisions for your organization. By performing a thorough evaluation of your current and future document creation, distribution, output and storage needs, we can construct the ideal technology rollout to make your daily document workflow as effective and efficient as possible.

no square pegs in round holes.

Our experience in education, industry, government and small to medium business allows us the opportunity to offer scalable solutions for any organization size.  From single office to multi-location organizations, onsite IT to global IT support, local decision making to corporate procurement, IdealOS has demonstrated itself to be a trusted business partner.

we help keep some paper in your pocket.  contact us today for your free business analysis TO DETERMINE YOUR MOST EFFECTIVE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTION.